Dear MLK Families, Staff Members, and Friends,

The MLK Elementary Book Fair is open this week! Read on for information about classroom visits, a link to the online book fair, family visits, and more.

Every year, the King PTO runs a very successful Book Fair for our students, teachers, and families. We donate all profits from the Book Fair to the MLK school library, which allows us to add hundreds of new titles per year to the collection. This is the main source for new library books.

All students will have the opportunity to visit the book fair with their classrooms. Here’s the schedule, so you know when to send money in with your kids. Some classrooms are visiting twice; the first visit is for a preview.

Monday, November 16
11:00 am K1, Ms. Sirois
1:00 pm room 19, Ms. Gordon
2:00 pm room 11 Ms. Dursin
2:30 pm room 12 Ms. Simpson

Tuesday, November 17
10:00 am room 16, Ms. Martin
10:30 am room 23 Ms. Peckkam
11:00 am room 7, Mr. Russo
12:30 pm room 27 Ms. Stellmach
1:30 pm K2, Ms. Noble
2:00 pm room 10, Ms. Luffborough
2:30 pm room 12, Ms. Simpson

Wednesday, November 18
10:00 am K3, Ms. Eastman
10:30 am room 21, Mr. King11:00 am room 9, Ms. Caselli
12:30 pm room 29, Ms. Medeiros
1:00 pm room 26, Ms. Marchetti
1:30 pm room 13, Ms. Whitehead
2:00 pm room 11, Ms. Dursin
2:30 pm room 17, Ms. Carrao

Thursday, November 19
10:30 am room 8, Mr. Palumbo
11:00 am room 7, Mr. Russo
11:30 am room room 24, Ms. Egerton
1:00 pm room 17, Ms. Carrao
1:30 pm K4, Ms. Paige

Friday, November 20
10:00 am room 18, Mr. Baxter
1:30 pm room 20, Ms. Jacobellis-Hillier

You can also check the MLK PTO website for this class visit information.


Don’t miss the Book Fair Family Night on Wednesday, November 18, 5:00 – 7:00 pm! We also hope that you visit the book fair anytime during the week. We are open 10-3 every day in addition to staying open during family-teacher conferences on Wednesday. We have a fantastic selection of books from early readers through middle grades, and some great adult titles, too. Get your holiday shopping done early, and don’t forget to check your kids’ teachers’ wish lists, too.

New this year: the Book Fair is open online from November 11-November 30. Please visit the online Book Fair at to start your holiday shopping. All order ship free to school, and all profits go directly to buy new books for the MLK Elementary School library.

The Book Fair requires a big crew to be successful. Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered! If you have not yet volunteered, please sign up for one shift, or many. No training required. We just need you to come and lend a hand, especially Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. Please visit to sign up, or reply to this email with a time when you can help out (especially Friday afternoon, when we will be packing up).


All the best,

Jill Davidson (MLK PTO President) on behalf of the MLK PTO

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